Thank you for visiting our website. Wendelbo Interiors A/S is committed to informing you about our privacy policy and the use of cookie technology. In this section, we provide detailed insights into how we collect and utilize data, assuring you that we prioritize the protection of your rights and the security of your information.


Collection of data

Websites: When you visit our website, data is automatically collected to optimise site functionality and design. This includes information about your browser, search terms, IP address, and device type.

Client data: For wholesale or contract customers, we gather and store information you provide, such as name, contact details, address, payment type, and the types of products purchased.

Newsletter: When you sign up for our newsletter, your information is stored in a third-party platform, collecting only your name, email, and location. Unsubscribe options are available in every email.

Social media: Following our social media platforms subjects you to the respective platform’s terms of use. Data collected is utilised for targeted information, content development, and audience growth.


Handling of data

Essential data for business operations is subject to local and international legislation, including bookkeeping and tax laws.

Digital data gathered through the website, newsletter sign-ups, etc., is utilised for marketing/promotional purposes and business/service level development.


Storing and deleting data

All data is stored in compliance with current legislation and deleted when no longer needed or as legally required.


Protection of data

Data is never sold to third parties but may be stored with providers like ERP providers, shipping companies, or mail platform providers.


User rights

If you have data stored with us, you have the right to view and request deletion in accordance with Danish law.



Our websites use cookie technology for device recognition, settings, statistics, and/or targeted advertising. You can manage cookies in your browser settings.



For GDPR policy inquiries, please contact us:

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