Toan Nguyen


Fine craftmanship

Toan Nguyen founded his Milan studio in 2009, embarking on a series of successful collaborations with several major brands in high-quality industry and fine craftmanship in Europe, North America, and Asia, on furniture, lighting, ceramics, as well as on technological products. Toan Nguyen combines auteur design and the demands of industry with ease. Above and beyond the economic logic inherent to his projects, he strives to open up perspectives for optimization, offering each company the targeted aesthetic or functional resources they require for further development and image building. A graduate of the ENSCI (Paris) in 1995, his diploma topic presented a foretaste of his individuality: detail in architecture, focusing particularly on technology in the public arena. Such beginnings highlight his attention to detail—a fundamental component of the craft, irrigated by a pronounced interest in industrial manufacturing processes and in how end users appropriate products. Over many years, he has honed this deceptively paradoxical approach during his experiences in Barcelona with Alberto Lievore and in Italy with Antonio Citterio, with whom he has co-signed many lines, for, among others, AxorHansgrohe, B&B Italia, Flos, Iittala, Kartell, Technogym, and Vitra. For Toan Nguyen design is a discipline intimately bound up with the object, in the traditional sense of the term. Priority is given to physical relationships with users— to them sitting, washing, lighting, etc. Displaying an immediate sense for meaningful utilization, precedence is accorded to intelligible forms and to optimized manufacturing processes, without, however, ever neglecting the sensuality of materials and the emotional impact of the object.