Wendelbo is a company that spans three generations – so our history goes far back, but as we look to the future and embark on a new decade, we have re-launched Wendelbo as a brand and created a new visual style.


It is important that our style not only shows our designs, but it should also inspire you and give you ideas about how the Wendelbo designs could look in your home, work space or public setting.


To help create this new visual style, Wendelbo enlisted the help of Swedish stylist, Lotta Agaton. To give you insight into her work with Wendelbo we asked her a few questions…


What did you feel was crucial for Wendelbo to focus on?


I found it important to focus on the quality and the craftmanship of the furniture and then create an exclusive and timeless expression that supported that.


How would you describe the progression Wendelbo has gone through?


For me, Wendelbo now has a more exclusive and international look because of the colour palette of more neutral colours with accents of colour blocks in a carefully selected colour scale.


What is the most important part of creating a signature style?


The most important thing is knowing the strengths of your products and emphasize this, as well as knowing who your audience is and what they care about. It also needs to be rooted in the values of the company. Today we all have to act responsibly towards the environment and climate and create something that will last and – due to choice of colour and material – stand the test of time.


How do you (easily) create a personal style that will last?


I always try to create a unison style, even if you are not able to do it all at once, it is important to have a plan so all the things you select eventually will go together. If you only act on emotions, there is a chance you will have a scattered home. I also try to create a neutral foundation in furniture and set fixtures that will last – then it is easier to let the seasons influence the choice of cushions and accessories which are easier to change.


Follow Lotta Agaton’s work here: @lottaagatoninteriors