Boris Berlin


Art of storytelling

Boris Berlin started his career as industrial and graphic designer in St. Petersburg after graduation in 1975.  In 1984 he founded Boris Berlin Design in Denmark. In 1987 he became a founding partner of Komplot Design and in 2010 founding partner of Iskos-Berlin Design. During these years Boris Berlin has developed his design philosophy, being focused on experimenting with new technologies and materials and their impact on design of everyday objects.

“I see design as a mediator bridging the gap between art and engineering, producer and consumer, between different cultures, between tradition and innovation, rationality and intuition, logic and emotion… I believe that good design is not just a solution to purely functional problems, but about creating a message, that endows objects and concepts with cultural, aesthetic and poetic content.

Boris Berlin received numerous design awards and his works are represented in collections of several design museums around the world, such as Design Museum Denmark, Trapholt, Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Vitra Design Museum and many others.